Monday, October 12, 2009

jealousy.................will bring you nowhere...

Guys…I’ve gotten a job… Started my first day working on 5th Oct 2009 at UNI Strategic. It was quite great the feeling of finally having a job. However, my job is sucks…I din believe in myself to be able to excel in this job. But…I need money and for sure I WILL excel in this job and got great salary!

Really God, please, not my way but Yours be done. I have my heart broken again. This is quite severe happened in these past few weeks. Seems like everything of mine was taken away by her. I am jealous to her. Help me to be not jealous. Help me please. The guy that I liked, likes her so much. My tuition student was taken away voluntarily by me, stupid me, but I will NEVER regret everything I’ve decided in my life. I referred job to her and she got the better one at the same company with the much much higher pay. I am glad too she finally got her job just that don’t be in the same company and have higher pay pls. This is so heart breaking. Until when everything will be turn wrong to me. Am I the one that caused it by my ownself? I am the one that refer the job to her and now am I regret to do it? honestly, I’m partly regret of doing that. Tell me wicked tell me bad but I’m still human. Gosh. This is so frustating. I received 2 rejection letters from Unilever and Pathlight (Autism school) at the same time she received her job offer letters. Gosh…. This is really a mean coincidence… Wake up Elis, don’t ever give up , storm may seem so hard, heartache may always be there, believing God is there and He is there no matter how far he may seem…. Gosh………….this unfairness is so painful….. She is bragging in my room now!!! and she’s said that she’s not overjoy!!!!! HAIZ!!! sabar sabar….God help me control things that are uncontrollable… Must find other job soon..God oh God who I am without You, don’t desert me please. No, I will never regret with my decision. God Himself that gives us the POWER to get wealth. Nothing can be happened unless it’s permitted by God. I will keep my mouth shut. Keep it in my heart. Only me and Him know it. I know God is testing my character. It’s ok to have less salary. Must awaken myself and use my own talent and ability to the max to get the commission. It’s ok to get less salary, I must start to be confident by my own, independent, and grab the deals. Nothing is ever impossible Elis! I am POSSIBLE!! Elis stand up!!! stand UP!!! U CAN!! if God is with you, who shall against you!!!! The path of the just is like shining sun, shines ever BRIGHTER unto the perfect day!! JIAYOU Elis!!

Come what may~ I believe when God allows it to be happened in my life, there’s something God wants to change in my character. Mold me as Your clay…Forgive me for being jealous etc, I am just Elis, human being too, full of sins as well. I TRUST in You… Yes.. I TRUST in you… Come what may~~ You will be always with me in sunshine and rain…

Love this video so much…check it out~

Everyone has a dream, even Down-Syndrome kids do too………Don’t give up!
I am proud of, my whole life. I am proud of what I am, today.

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