Thursday, January 21, 2010


Think it's time to MOVE ON! When I said it as moving on means it's time to QUIT!!! Sigh! I need sunshine in my life...
Post heartache..I don't feel like standing up again straightly..haiz just gotten a rejection sigh! Sigh! I still can't pick up I badly hurt? Until I don't feel like talking to her...
Haiz..haiz... Do u knoe..when a thing is already broken into pieces, it will impossibly back to its original condition..even glue can't help it..what to do?
Not that I don't want to restore the relationship, it's just very hard for me to drag myself into it again...there was too much heartache....haiz...

Tonite looking for job! Must start tonite!! Renew the resume!! Start sending out resume!!
Gogogo elis! Time to move on!!

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